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Do you have an outdated wix website that looks like a child built it?

Well I can turn your "DIY disaster" into a digital masterpiece. If your Wix site currently looks like a kindergarten art project, I'm the guy to bring it into the realm of sleek, professional web design. Think of me as the web wizard who transforms 'ugly duckling' sites into beautiful, functional swans. Let's make your website not just good, but 'wow-worthy'!

I make websites that are...




& affordable

Need a website that stands the test of time? I design websites for small businesses that are simple yet sophisticated without making you look like a try-hard. Think of it as the digital version of a classic white shirt: always in style, professional, and appealing. These websites are user-friendly and tailored to make your business shine, minus the fleeting trends. Let’s create an online presence that’s as timeless as it is effective!

so you don't need a website...maybe you just need a logo or some graphic designs?

Don't need a website? How about a standout logo or custom graphics instead? I specialise in creating compelling visuals, from eye-catching logos to practical graphic designs such as posters, flyers and business cards. Let's bring your brand's image to life with designs that are as useful as they are beautiful.

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